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Case studies
Flooring of shops, shopping centers and the food industry
The pavements of the commercial surfaces of sale to the general public have demanding aesthetic and durability requirements

Generally they are extensive surfaces with low hypotheses of loads and surface finish with decorative cladding.

Steel fibers and structural polymeric macro fibers added to concrete have become the most demanded solution to minimize execution times and cost.

The base or floor of these pavements is concrete reinforced with steel fibers (HRFA) or polymeric fibers. This is a composite material that has multiple advantages. With the addition of fibers to the concrete, mechanical strengths similar to those of  concrete reinforced traditionally with electrowelded mesh are achieved, but cracking is better controlled, in addition to achieving significant cost and time savings, notably improving execution times.

The possible appearance of fissures due to retraction is avoided by making cuts with a maximum depth of 1/3 the thickness of the screed.

On this suitable concrete base, surface solutions are subsequently applied in resins, cementitious tread layers or various decorative resistant solutions.

In pavements in the food indusrtry sector such as meat, dairy, beverage, fishing and conservative industries, among others, the design of a base or screed suitable for the type of loads in combination with the coating solves diverse and complex needs of the food indusrtry industries in the phases of food processing, storage, preservation and transportation

On the screed, after concreting, surface finishes are usually made in resistant resins (epoxy, polyurethane), giving an optimal response in durability. This sector combines an aggressive chemical environment and very strict hygiene requirements. The use of polymeric macro fibers are ideal for this type of application, since polyolefins are very resistant materials to chemical agents

Steel fiber reinforced concrete has been used successfully for many years as a solution in the execution of pavements

The main advantages of using steel fibers are:

-Effective control of cracking

-Homogeneous distribution generating a three-dimensional reinforcement

-Excellent resistance to impacts and fatigue

-Excellent corrosion resistance

-Agile and simple application

-Reduction of execution times

-Cheaper solution

-The handling problems of the traditional assembly are avoided and the risks of it’s bad placement are eliminated

-Easy to use the laser paver

All the references of steel and structural polymer fibers that we supply at rimsa have CE marking

The CE marking is guaranteeing that the performance of the product is as stated. According to the European standard UNE14889-1, two conformity verification systems are mainly defined:

  1. Conformity verification system 1: for structural use in concrete, when the addition of the fiber is intended to contribute to the bearing capacity of the concrete.
  2. Conformity verification system 3: for other uses in concretes, mortars and pastes.

The steel and polymeric structural fibers are classified in System 1, with the intervention of a notified body declaring the effects on the Strength of the concrete.

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