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Case studies / Friction
LM09: Replacing Sb2S3 without busting the bank
LM09 is a synergistic composite designed to replace the dangerous antimony trisulfide in brake pad applications with minimum need of testing and reformulation.

– LM09 is designed to provide high thermal conductivity to the pad

– LM09 keeps the performance at high temperature and reduces wear

– Can be used in all kinds of formulations. It helps build a stable transfer layer on PAD and ROTOR

– Particle size distribution made it suitable for easy mixing and dispersion, and make it suitable for standard storage.


Tested in a NAO type, copper-free formulation in replacement of Sb2S3, in volume, LM09 achieves a thin and homogenous transfer film on the pad surface, contributing to the stability of coefficient of friction and low wear in both pad and rotor


Several studies reveal that occupations closely related to antimony have been more prone to cardiac diseases, skin irritations and digestive disorders.

Moreover, Sb-subproducts has been reported to be partially soluble in physiological fluids and carcinogenic in laboratory animals, though for human beings is still under suspicion

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