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Lithium Titanate Batteries: Driving the energy revolution with safety and efficiency

Lithium Titanate Batteries (LTO) are gaining increasing popularity due to their advantages over other technologies traditionally…
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Decarbonisation measures in the concrete industry

La Federación Europea BIBM ha presentado un conjunto de propuestas innovadoras para la descarbonización en la…
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Important considerations to enhance the performance of fibers in concrete

The fibers intended for reinforcing concrete can be supplied in different packaging or presentations, designed to…
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Regenerative braking it’s affecting your brake pads more than you think

Regenerative braking it’s affecting your brake pads more than you think From an engineering point of…
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What is the true importance of metal recycling?

Metal recycling and industrial sustainability At rimsa, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality products and continually…
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Innovative strategies for energy transition

The energy transition towards a greener and more sustainable world requires the development of innovative strategies…
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How will Euro 7 affect brake pads?

En rimsa, we embrace the challenges of Euro 7 regulation in the brake and friction materials…
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Fibers and their different variables when choosing the right one

Type of application Fiber serves different functions depending on the type of element in which it…
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rimsa participates in the tenth edition of BEFIB

The main objective of this meeting is to promote the scientific exchange of said community that…
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Researchers add electrical properties to black nanocarbon cement

A study carried out between the MIT Center for Concrete Sustainability and the French National Center…
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Smart concretes that can heat entire buildings

Scientists from the USA and France have managed to create an intelligent concrete that allows the…
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“Agrupación de Empresas de Movilidad Eléctrica (AEMES)” is born to promote sustainable mobility

Our company defines the Quality and Environment Policy as an integral part of the General Policy…
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