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Reimagining the future of the industry

Eurobrake 2023 – Technical Sessions

Rotor and pad based fundamentals From adhesive wear to abrasive wear mechanism when switching from conventional…
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Stop Green Washing and take honest environmental responsibility

The European Commission has presented a new proposal for measures to combat greenwashing and misleading environmental…
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rimsa assumed the presidency of the MAV Cluster, through our CIO, Carlos Lorenzana.

At rimsa we are very proud that our Chief Innovation Officer, Carlos Lorenzana, will assume the…
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The battery recycling revolution

The reuse of strategic materials such as cobalt, used in the cathodes of LIBs (lithium-ion batteries),…
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Corrosion problems on brake discs of electric cars

Increased corrosion problems have been observed in brake discs of electric cars compared to conventional cars.…
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Accelera el Creixement, PIMEC’s major business development initiative

Programme funded by the Diputació de Barcelona. In our intervention, we explained our experience during the…
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Our participation in the “Accelera el Creixement” program

and how it has influenced the business growth of our team, the impetus it has given…
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Rethinking the use of glass

We owe the Phoenicians the transparent and colorless glass that we currently know, thanks to the…
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Lion HD Project

– What problems come to solve the electrification of the fleet. Greenhouse gas emissions are growing…
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rimsa’s position on the new role of business in global education

 It starts with the product and the needs these products are designed to satisfy, shifting the…
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rimsa and green hydrogen. Innovate to meet the needs of society

and probably in the future its role will be even more important. Its origin can be…
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Innovamat: New Joint Venture between rimsa and Quartz

We are glad to inform you about the recent agreement between RIMSA METAL TECHNOLOGY SA and…
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