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New “green” construction materials

New type of polymer discovered by australian scientist. The polymer is mixed with recycled PVC, waste…
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CE marking

For all products included in harmonized standards, the Declaration of Performance and the CE marking must…
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Brake related particles effects on pollution

The University of Birmingham published an article about an ongoing study into the contribution of particulate…
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The return to our facilities

After several weeks in quarantine due to the circumstances caused by the covid-19, part of our…
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Recovery of economic activity in Spain

The alliance of different sectors within the industry, including the participation of the construction sector, has…
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Rimsa installs photovoltaic panels

The energy generated for self-consumption reduces our carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by around 21 tons /…
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The new normality in construction

The beginning of the confinement due to the covid-19 supposed to rimsa an important change in…
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#rimsateam announcement: Contingency plan (Covid-19)

From rimsa we send all our support and full commitment to this situation, we understand that…
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Rimsa at Talent EAE 2020

This event is organized by EAE Business School with the aim that their undergraduate and master…
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Work In Progress: rimsa continues the supply of steel fibers for the execution of the pavement of the port of Algeciras

Rimsa continues to collaborate in the supply of r glued 60 / 0.75 reference steel fibers…
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r hook 50/0’8: One of the best exponents in reinforcing concrete pavements

r hook  50 / 0’8 steel fibers are ideal for industrial flooring intended to support high-load…
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Steel fiber r wave 40

r wave 40 steel fibers are ideal for industrial or commercial flooring and other load-bearing screeds.…
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