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Smart concretes that can heat entire buildings

Scientists from the USA and France have managed to create an intelligent concrete that allows the…
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Rimsa participates as a member company in the “Clúster de Materiales Avanzados de Cataluña”

At rimsa we believe that opportunities and innovation are two of the most essential values ​​to…
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“Agrupación de Empresas de Movilidad Eléctrica (AEMES)” is born to promote sustainable mobility

Our company defines the Quality and Environment Policy as an integral part of the General Policy…
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Javier Delgado, from the IT Department, competes in the Spanish Muay Thai championship

On May 12, 13 and 14, Javier Delgado will participate in the Spanish Muay Thai competition…
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“Área Metropolitana de Barcelona” has temporarily loaned three bicycles to rimsa

The Biciempresa program is an initiative of the Área Metropolitana de Barcelona, that consists of temporarily…
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The cement sector has reduced work-related accidents by 75%

“The good health of the sector in this area is also clear from the figures that…
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rimsa joins the work of the “La Brúixola” project of Cáritas

The intention of the La Brúixola project is to support young students, with the aim of…
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Cement consumption recovers 8.4% in the first quarter

Cement consumption in Spain has grown by 8.4% in the first quarter of 2021, reaching 3,378,281…
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rimsa explores new insights into Li-ion batteries

Unsustainable societal development and rapid global industrialization have caused a high stress on energy resources, particularly…
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Carlos Lorenzana at Coffee Break

On April 7, Carlos Lorenzana sat down with Brian Hagman, President of Hagman Search Group and…
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AsiaBrake 2021 Digital Conference

Asia Brake Bangkok Thailand 2021, is a digital conference organized by Acme-Inter and Compact International, two…
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Brake wear enviro impact; trends to combat them (part two)

Regenerative Braking The most promising braking technology, being widely commercialized in hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and…
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