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Break pad wear patterns

Before you throw out the old brake pads or order a new set, take a good…
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The dry port of Zaragoza grows in times of negative numbers

The Zaragoza Maritime Terminal, operated by tmZ Services, has maintained growth figures despite the added complexity…
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El sector de la construcción espera a recuperarse en dos años de la crisis derivada del Covid-19

The loss of production in the European construction sector in 2020, as a result of the…
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The European Commission points out that Spain will have an intense recovery

Despite the response both at national and EU level, the EU economy will experience a deep…
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We installed an air disinfection system in our offices in rimsa in order to prevent infections by Covid19, as well as other diseases

The installation of this system is part of the contingency plan applied since the start of…
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Aids for the Renove 2020 Plan are published

The Official State Gazette (BOE) published this Monday the 2020 Renove Plan for the renovation of…
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Plants without production control certification can not sell concrete in Spain

Around 1,500 concrete manufacturer plants in Spain are required to obtain the production control certification in…
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Investment in electric vehicles increases in the EU

The committed investments in electric vehicles and batteries in the EU multiplied by 19 during 2019,…
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New “green” construction materials

New type of polymer discovered by australian scientist. The polymer is mixed with recycled PVC, waste…
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CE marking

For all products included in harmonized standards, the Declaration of Performance and the CE marking must…
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Brake related particles effects on pollution

The University of Birmingham published an article about an ongoing study into the contribution of particulate…
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The return to our facilities

After several weeks in quarantine due to the circumstances caused by the covid-19, part of our…
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