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#rimsateam release : Contingency Plan (Covid-19)

We are living a particular moment on our history that requires that we all be united

From rimsa, we send all our support and complete commitment with this situation, we understand that Covid-19 affects us as individuals, our families and our businesses. As always, our thoughts and best wishes are with all of you. We will follow all those policies that allow and facilitate a prompt solution, wishing and working so that everything is resolved in the best possible way.

We want to share with you the contingency plan we have designed and have been applying, with the aim to protect the health and well-being of our team and our environment, as well as avoiding incidents in the services we offer.

  • Home-Office for part of our Team: 

We seek that work activity can be carried out from home, in order to avoid the contagion and / or spread of Covid-19. Likewise, this measure is intended to avoid the use of transport since it can favor the risk of contagion.

Office hours will be from Monday to Thursday from 8AM to 5PM; and Friday from 8AM to 3:30 PM.

  • Substitution of face-to-face meetings for online meetings with our entire network:

Visits or meetings scheduled in the coming days will be carried out through video calling platforms. This allows us to follow the workflow effectively and without major inconveniences. We will use Google Meet, Skype, and other platforms that allow it.

  • Prohibition of access to rimsa facilities to personnel outside the company. Drivers and companions with vehicles within rimsa enclosure who come to bring or collect goods to our warehouse, must follow the previously informed protocol, maintaining a distance of 1 meter with our staff.

To prevent our workers from finding themselves in a vulnerable situation, we have adopted the measures imposed by the OMS and the Spanish Authorities. Among these measures, the prohibition of contact of our employees with external people who come from outside is contemplated, in order to minimize the risk that this entails.

  • Cancellation of any kind of trip until further notice.

To protect our team, we have decided to cancel all business trips, both short and long distance.

  • Production maintenance, adopting rotating shifts that minimize contact between our staff.

The predetermined entrances and exits of people who are part of our production team, will be modified as necessary throughout this period, to improve mobility and ensure that when they are within the same space there is a distance between them of at least 1 meter away.

  • Adoption of measures to guarantee the maintenance of the supply chain by our logistics and suppliers network.

We will continue working to offer the same service and quality to our partners, always maintaining active contact with our suppliers.