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We are looking for talent to collaborate with our Supply Chain team

If you’re interested in entering the world of foreign trade, we’re waiting for you. You will be collaborating on planning and purchasing tasks, raw material stock control, returns management, customer services, management and processing of customer complaints, management and updating of the customer database


  • Foreign or international trade studies
  • Knowledge of documentation related to the export and import of industrial products
  • Advanced excel level
  • Valuable knowledge of management programs -ERP-(Such as SAGE, LOGIC CONTROL, ORACLE,etc.)+Customer orientation, with good communication and strategic planning skills   
  • Advanced English                   

We offer an internship agreement with a school or university, study aid and the option to participate in our Talent Up program

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我们是一支合格的、积极进取并信守承诺的专业团队。 如果您想加入我们,请填写以下表格将您的申请发送给我们。