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rimsa collaborates with baripolsa in the supply of steel fiber for concrete reinforcemen for a port warehouse

rimsa collaborates with baripolsa in the supply of more than 30,000 Kgs of steel fiber for concrete reinforcement, of our reference r hook 410, for the construction of the new pavement for a 10,000 m² port warehouse located in Santurce (Vizcaya).

baripolsa has chosen the reference r hook 410 for this work, a fiber with shaped ends to be able to adhere optimally to concrete and a high number of fibers per kilogram, factors that together with an average tensile strength of 1,150 N / mm² they provide a high increase in the flexural strength of the pavement, in addition to greater toughness and durability. The surface finish of the pavement has been very satisfactory, with a fast, simple and safe application of the fibers.

The use of a fiber with such characteristics, and an effective dosage and application of it by baripolsa have resulted in a flooring like the one shown in the photograph below.

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