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Technical Fibers / Adhesives
Wide range of technical fibers for adhesives, epoxy resins and sealants
These materials have a large number of advantages such as reinforcement, fire resistance, flexibility and greater strength.

Adhesives for surfaces

Technical fibers and flocks improve the impermeability and moisture resistance of sealants for roofs, floors and vertical surfaces, allowing greater flexibility and strength.

Immediate sealing compounds

For aggressive environments where immediate repair is necessary, such as pipelines in chemical industries, PAN fiber facilitates rapid sealing and increased resistance to fire, abrasion and corrosion to which they are constantly subjected.

Tire sealants

Short and powdered fibers are widely used in the manufacture of tire repair sealants. Puncture repair sealants facilitate permanent repair that can last the rest of the life of the tire, for any type of tire and in any environmental situation.

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