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Technical fibres/Construction
The latest trend in the elimination of cracks in mortars and pavements

An elastic reinforcement that will improve the resistance to impact and corrosion of decorative pavements, construction mortars, repairs and levelers.

Discover how to solve cracking, micro cracking and fisuring problems in the retraction process. An elastic reinforcement that will improve the impact and corrosion resistance of decorative flooring, construction mortars, repair pavements and levelers.

Refractory Elements

Precision cut synthetic fibers are added to refractory elements to minimize shrinkage cracks and improve green strength and permeability by forming reinforcing bridges in the structure. Studies of permeable elements reveal continuous improvements in the drying process, which helps prevent chipping thanks to the use of optical fibers.


Fiber PAN increases adherence to the matrix compared to other more conventional fibers. Thanks to an increase in the fiber-matrix bonding strength, as well as its high melting point, a significant increase in flexural strength and alkaline media, ductility, durability and the ability to reduce stresses that could result in small fissures.

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