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Réinventer l'avenir de l'industrie

We are participating in Asia Brake 2023

This event was created with the intention of having a forum for professionals to address changes…
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rimsa has been awarded the Innovative SME seal since 2019

rimsa among the 0.0036% of companies that have the Innovative SME seal of approval Of the…
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rimsa reduces its carbon footprint by 42%.

We have been hearing for years about climate change and the problem it is causing for…
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Is the construction sector in trouble or does it have new opportunities?

This malpractice is in constant conflict with the ups and downs of the raw materials market…
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New solutions to reduce road-transport emissions

According to the current publications of the PMP-group (Particle Measurement Program), today’s foundation brake systems emit…
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Our participation in the « Accelera el Creixement » program

and how it has influenced the business growth of our team, the impetus it has given…
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SAE Brake Colloquium & Exhibition 2022

It’s a pleasure to be able to present to the friction material industry the solutions offered…
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Rethinking the use of glass

We owe the Phoenicians the transparent and colorless glass that we currently know, thanks to the…
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Lion HD Project

– What problems come to solve the electrification of the fleet. Greenhouse gas emissions are growing…
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How limitation on brake emissions by Euro 7 may affect the friction industry?

In the context of the Green Deal and the objectives of « carbon neutrality » and « zero pollution »,…
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ACEA proposals for Euro 7 and Euro VII emission standards

In a communication to the European Commission in June 2021, ACEA suggested an approach forsingle step…
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rimsa’s position on the new role of business in global education

 It starts with the product and the needs these products are designed to satisfy, shifting the…
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