Since 1985 we have been developing innovative solutions for friction materials, construction and energy transition.


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+30 countries


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Our goal

Turning innovative ideas into business opportunities

At rimsa we specialise in providing innovative solutions to real problems. From engineering, tribology and electrochemistry, we develop products based on ad hoc strategies to improve the performance and sustainability of applications.

People rethinking solutions.

Our history

Almost 40 years of work, research and development.

Our origins are in the metal industry: We started as “Industrial Metal Recovery”, so we know first hand the needs, problems and casuistry of the different types of materials.

Over time, and thanks to the incorporation of people with high technical knowledge, we have become specialists in high value-added additives for different sectors.

R+D+i Laboratory

No advantage is sustainable in the long term. Constant innovation is the only way to remain competitive.

Our R&D&I laboratory is one of our differential values. We do not limit ourselves to replicating processes or solutions, but we are constantly researching and developing new ideas, which then go through a phase of testing and quality assessment.

Our team

Be fast, be first, but never be alone. Nothing replaces the value of teamwork

Our #rimsateam would not be what it is without its excellent professionals. We have a multidisciplinary, polyvalent and multicultural team, which favors creativity and the exchange of ideas and enriches the projects and their results.

Our philosophy

The rimsa team is aligned under the same philosophy: Always go one step further, constantly improving.

If we can achieve the best results, it is because the entire team shares the same work philosophy, reflected in these three pillars:


Research and

We develop our solutions through processes with a solid scientific basis based on data and results, combined with a creative thinking process that helps us find disruptive alternatives that improve results.


Working environment

People are our essence. Therefore, we promote an inclusive and respectful work environment, where all people are heard and their opinions and ideas are valued.


Integrity in our work

We are guided by a responsible and transparent code of ethics, both in our relationship with our customers and internally, and of course in the development of environmentally friendly actions.

Where do we operate?

Heirs to Barcelona's industrial tradition and connected to the world.

Our geographical location allows us easy access to major ports in Europe, Africa and Asia. In addition, we have an agile and efficient logistics network to operate in destinations in the Americas and Oceania.

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