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Talent Up
Talent Up Program
It's not what you achieve, it's what you overcome. That's what defines your career

Our Talent UP program is aimed at the selection of inexperienced young talents, students of Formative, University or Master Degrees, interested in participating in an Internship Training Program, which allows the selected talent to orient their professional career towards their professional and personal development , based on their interests and motivations.

Here you are one more of #rimsateam! Our goal is to develop your full potential, putting into practice your knowledge and skills, always maintaining continuous learning.

And what are the requirements? Comply with our values. Be a good person (it will be the starting point that will lead you to become a great professional); have ambitions (measures, not excessive); want to be part of a team passionate about life and its work.

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We are a highly qualified, motivated and committed team of professionals. If you want to join us, send us your application by filling out the following form.

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