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Steel fibers are the cutting edge and most economical solution in all types of flooring. They provide a higher breaking energy to concrete and the contribution of the same can be considered in the calculation of the response of the concrete section.

Depending on the performance of each reference, steel fibres meet the requirements of each project.


Steel fibers and structural polymer fibers have the necessary reinforcement so that the floor can withstand the loads acting on it. Ductility of fibers, thus avoiding the fragility of concrete, as well as an increase in resistance to damage and mechanical fatigue.

Logistics ships

Inside, due to the presence of the shelves, the pavement supports high loads concentrated on small surfaces and also heavy truck traffic. Outside, they provide adequate reinforcement for heavy truck traffic in loading docks.

Industrial ships

The pavement must support the punctual or distributed loads of the benches that support machinery or industrial equipment. The use of fibers speeds up and simplifies the execution of these types of projects.

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Stations and platforms

Due to the peculiar characteristics of the spaces in these types of projects, the use of traditional assembly is very complex. The use of fibers directly allows concrete pumping.


In this type of projects the addition of steel fibers solves the problems of execution of the traditional basic assembly and also optimizes the execution times.

Shopping centers

With large surfaces and low loads, where the surface finish is usually a flattened one, the polymer macro fibers have become the most demanded solution to minimize time and cost of execution.

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Heavy-duty vehicles

Heavy vehicle traffic causes damage to pavements. A high dosage of advanced fibers increases impact resistance and mechanical fatigue, increases service life and lowers maintenance costs.

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Agro-food sector

This sector combines an aggressive chemical environment and very strict hygiene requirements. The use of macro polymer fibers, are ideal for this type of applications, since polyolefins are materials very resistant to chemical agents.


The pavement must withstand the point or distributed loads of the benches that support barrels and tanks. The use of fibre facilitates and simplifies the implementation of such projects.

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