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Projected concrete
Fiber-based projected concrete is used in applications that require a rugged solution with a simple execution

Projected concrete with the addition of short-length fibres is used as a support on tunnel surfaces. The application process consists of pressurizing concrete reinforced with steel fibres or structural polymer fibres onto the surface to produce a layer capable of withstanding different loads depending on the thickness, reference and dosage.

The most commonly used fibres are between 30 and 35 mm long with a diameter between 0.5 and 0.75 mm. The length of the fibre must be less than 2/3 of the inner diameter of the concrete-pumping tube and, if possible, twice the size of the major aggregate.


The fibres in the projected concrete are uniformly distributed and form a strong three-dimensional reinforcement capable of withstanding appreciable deformations, maintaining the resistance due to ductility, avoiding the spread of cracks and dissipating the energy of deformation.



Fiber concrete is widely used in the stabilization of slopes that require a rapid execution, a ductile reinforcement to avoid landslides and with the ability to adapt to different surfaces.


Mining industry

The steel fibers incorporated in the projected concrete, are used in the mining excavations, where they provide a ductile reinforcement, meeting static and durability requirements.

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