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Structural concrete
Fibre-reinforced concrete provides greater breakage energy and may involve partial or total replacement of reinforcement in some applications

The fibres significantly modify the pre-cracking response compared to that of a traditional concrete and, notably, provide a post-cracking residual resistance capacity due to the sewing effect between the two cleft lips.

The most important effect on the mechanical behaviour of concrete, due to the presence of fibers, is manifested in post-cracking resistances.


Layers of compression

The steel fibers are used in compression layers and hardened on forgings of prefabricated honeycomb slab by means of a simple application, thus avoiding the complications required by the application of the traditional mesh. They provide excellent cracking control. Additional reinforcement may be required at support points for forging elements.



Cleaning concrete in foundations of wind turbines

Steel fibers are added to achieve a resistant material. The function of this concrete is to avoid the desiccation of the structural concrete during its discharge and to regularize the surface of the ground achieving a correct levelling for the laying of the reinforcement.

Foundations of photovoltaic plates

The fibers steel fibers and structural polymers provide the necessary reinforcement so that the slab can withstand the loads that will be placed on it.

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