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A multicultural team with more than 14 different nationalities

At rimsa we are a multifunctional and multidisciplinary team, committed to the company and lovers of what we do.

One of our main values ​​is diversity and the promotion of an inclusive work environment. We like to listen, we respect and value our entire team. We believe that all thoughts, feelings and ideas are equally important. Our different cultures, ethnicities and ideologies allow us to learn from one another. Dialogue is one of the most precious tools in rimsa.

Currently, rimsa has 46 employees on its staff, and 52% of them have a nationality other than Spanish. We have native workers from South America: Argentines, Bolivians, Colombians, Dominicans, Ecuadorians, Peruvians and Panamanians. Also, Europeans like Ukrainians, Austrians, Romanians, Moroccans and Chinese.

The fact of bringing together people from so many countries allows us to have certain advantages as a company, in addition to enriching each other. A multicultural staff makes it easier for us to open up to new markets, clients and products, and improves our international projection. Internally, it allows us to attract talent, and also increase creativity and have a greater capacity to adapt, since we cooperate with people of different nationalities who have different ways of thinking.

At rimsa we are proud to have built, and continue to build, a work environment based on respect. Our company seeks a harmonious work environment, as well as fostering camaraderie.