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“Área Metropolitana de Barcelona” has temporarily loaned three bicycles to rimsa

The objective is to promote the use of ecological transport to go to the workplace, and contribute positively to the environment

The Biciempresa program is an initiative of the Área Metropolitana de Barcelona, that consists of temporarily giving bicycles to different companies, so that their workers can replace private transport and contribute to a more sustainable alternative.

rimsa wanted to join this initiative. The subsidy consists of providing free and temporary access to electric and mechanical bicycles for the workers of the center. Specifically, in our case they have loaned 3 bicycles to our staff.

The initiative, apart from promoting the change towards ecological transport, indirectly also promotes the Bicibox secure parking service next to railway stations.

At rimsa we have a commitment to health, well-being and safety, and respect for the environment. That is why we have a Mobility Plan since 2013, to provide means of transportation for our employees to the workplace, and also to promote healthy habits.

In this Mobility Plan we collect all kinds of information on the number of people in the team who travel to the workplace by private transport, to then promote different incentives and initiatives that reduce the impact they generate. One of the alternatives is car sharing, or the combination of public transport with other means, such as scooters or bicycles.

In this sense, 35% of our workforce uses public transport to get to work. It seems a small percentage, but it should be noted that 76% live in the vicinity of the facilities.

With this initiative we continue to add small changes and promote new changes so that our company and our workers continue to raise awareness in favor of the environment.