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Our Technical Director, Dr. Carlos Lorenzana presented in euroBrake 2019 the latest results of our research about the substitution of tin sulphides through modification of oxidation properties of synthetic sulphides. 

EuroBrake was created in 2012 to address the profound changes in the demands made by the braking industry’s customers and end-users. Nowadays is the most relevant braking technology conference & exhibition, which gathers engineers, technicians, companies and academics to share their ideas and discuss the trends, current and future challenges.

Being one of the reference suppliers for additives for the friction industry, Rimsa has been a regular exhibitor of the event since many years. But this 2019 has a new milestone being the first for us to present to the community a relevant achievement through our intense R&D activity. Tin sulphides are widely used by OE manufacturers, as they protect from oxidation in the high temperature range. However, the high content of tin makes them very expensive and LME dependent.

As a result of our investigations, we developed our SF range of Iron /Tin sulphides Composites, which are not just mechanical mixes of different sulphides.Their unique microstructureallows us to modify the oxidation temperature compared with a mechanical mix of FeS and SnS of the same chemical composition. With this change, we can get closer to the oxidation temperature of tin-only based sulphides, but reducing the content of tin and so the price level.

On the conference, comparative AKM results were presented that correlates the differences on oxidation temperature range with the friction performance in a NAO Cu-free friction material.

SF series is a new option with improved cost-to-performance ratio. SF05 is recommended to replace SnS based compounds and SF10 and SF13 are recommended to replace SnS2 products. Please, contact us for more information.