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Factors to consider when choosing steel fibers

For the use of steel fibers for the reinforcement of concrete, a great variety of factors must be taken into account that influence its subsequent “use”. In order to achieve high values of resistance, workability and quality, the following factors must be taken into account:

    • Type of terrain and concrete, it is important to know the soil classification (compacted gravel, sand gravel …) and the quality of the concrete.
    • Static loads, are those that act permanently on the structure and slowly vary over time. For example, the weight of the structure itself (beams, slabs …) and the weight of the furniture inside, such as pallets and shelves.
    • Dynamic loads: they are those that vary rapidly over time. In all cases, they are those that are in a state of movement during the time they operate, for example the passage of pallet trucks, forklifts and trucks in some cases.

For this, a dosage study facilitates the choice of the most suitable steel fiber reference and the amount of fiber per kilogram required. At rimsa we are currently working on the development of a new dosage calculation software more advanced than the current one in order to give greater support to our customers.