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We continue with the presentation of our #rimsateam! On this occasion we are pleased to present to our #Supply Team, those in charge of ensuring that our products arrive at their destination on time and in perfect condition. And it is that there are numerous occasions that we have received compliments from our clients in everything that concerns the management of our shipments, and we owe that to our Team. So, we present to you Alba and Ismael!

Alba is characterized by agility, good work and organization. She is a crack of excel (she took the title of internal teacher in # 2019), and her good humor and control of emotions, is an asset in her! She is responsible for the #Supply Construction area. This # 2020 will be 6 years at rimsa, so we can only wish him many many more years with us!

Ismael: charismatic, positive and very very focused. And it is that his work in the area of ​​#Supply Friction requires a high level of concentration and ‘attention to detail’. Ismael never lacks a smile and is truly something very precious to us. In less than 2 years occupying the position, Ismael has shown us to be a responsible, dynamic person and a lover of Teamwork.

Thanks #SupplyTeam for all your efforts and your commitment to the project!