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Printed concrete is imposed as a fashionable pavement in exteriors and interiors

Choosing a pavement for exteriors or interiors with a lot of movement of people and vehicles is always a challenge. However, there is a material from 30 years ago that is increasingly prevailing on exterior and interior pavements throughout Spain for its great advantages: printed concrete. Also known as printed cement, it is a special type of concrete for pavements to which a surface treatment is applied thanks to which it is capable of imitating practically any paving material.

Polypropylene fibers can be added to the printed concrete for further reinforcement. The technical data of our polypropylene fiber are as follows:

    • Fiber Type: Mono Filament
    • Length: 12mm
    • Diameter: 32 µm
    • No. of fibers per Kg: 125 million / kg approx.
    • Dosage: 0.6 kg / m3

By applying the polypropylene fibers in the printed concrete, the following advantages are achieved:

    • Cost and weight reduction.
    • Increases impact resistance and dimensional stability.
    • Reduces cracking due to shrinkage and against high temperatures.
    • Increases the toughness index and decreases the permeability.
    • Increases resistance to bending, impact, shear and torsion.
    • Improves the behavior of concrete against abrasion.

For this reason the applications of said concrete are increasingly varied; They are used in patios, garages, premises, swimming pools, gardens, sports courts, facades, walls and industrial areas, among others.