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Rimsa participates as a member company in the “Clúster de Materiales Avanzados de Cataluña”

The main objective is to promote and contribute to the competitiveness of companies and entities in the sector, contributing to the consolidation of Catalan industry.

At rimsa we believe that opportunities and innovation are two of the most essential values ​​to continue growing on a professional level, but also on a personal level. With the registration and collaboration in this cluster we want to promote these factors to generate new proposals and solutions that contribute to an improvement at all levels.

The cluster fosters initiatives aimed at boosting the materials business, stimulating and exploiting synergies between members and related sectors. With their strategic lines and their working groups, they intend to promote and improve the competitiveness of companies and propose new challenges according to the personality of each one. With all this, they aim to improve company-knowledge communication.

Among its working groups we find different fields. Nanotechnology and nanomaterials considers the opportunities in the different sectors, the economic impact that these have and the ways of industrial application. Regarding advanced manufacturing (plastics, metals, ceramics …), it is intended to access specific knowledge through conferences and fairs, and they also develop projects to respond to the needs of member companies.

Another area they work on is that of light materials to promote the use of materials in Catalan textile fabrics, and promote training related to these materials and their technology. Finally, the circular economy is one of the most relevant purposes with the aim of involving the entire value chain and positioning sustainability as the value of products and materials.

To carry out all the objectives, they have strategic lines that are based on: uniting agents of the ecosystem, transforming towards digitization, disseminating knowledge with maximum transparency, supporting incubation and entrepreneurship, positioning members, and by last finance and internationalize.