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rimsa participates in the tenth edition of BEFIB

On September 20, 21 and 22, the quadrennial international symposium will be presented in Valencia, an event focused on research and scientific advances in fiber-reinforced concrete.

The main objective of this meeting is to promote the scientific exchange of said community that works at FRC, as well as researchers and professionals with experience in concrete engineering. This exchange of ideas will provide cutting-edge, advanced and updated results.

Taking into account the purposes, there are many topics that will be discussed, and on which they will work. Among all of them, the durability, long-term properties, rheology, codes and standards and quality control of reinforced concrete stand out.

The presentation, this year, offers a hybrid format where there will be face-to-face events, but all with the possibility of going online. In our case, our technical manager, Carlos Lorenzana and our construction division sales manager, Silvia Russo, will attend.

For rimsa, it is a privilege to continue being part of projects in the construction field, and to be able to participate as Bronze Exhibitors. These events allow us to continue innovating in the development and creation of fibers.