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rimsa supplies fibers for the construction of the new Hewlett-Packard 3D printing center

Rimsa collaborated with the supply of our steel fiber of the reference R HOOK 35 / 0.75 in the works of the new Hewlett Packard urbanization in Sant Cugat, Barcelona.

The building of HP’s new 3D Printing and Digital Manufacturing Center of Excellence, which has been completed in two years, covers an area of ​​more than 14,000 square meters dedicated to innovation, with 4,500 square meters of laboratories.

R HOOK 35 / 0.75 steel fibers are also aimed at reinforcing precast concrete, such as tunnel segments, water pipes or concrete tanks, among others. Likewise, they are also used in pavements of reduced thickness and in gunning operations that allow a certain thickness.

Rimsa has advanced software that allows calculating the dosages of steel fibers in concrete screeds, covering the widest spectrum of loads and giving an agile response to requests with justifying calculations.

Original Source: www.europapress.es