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RIMSA & XALOC, united and committed to DUAL Training

RIMSA signs the first DUAL training Agreement with XALOC

RIMSA signs the first DUAL TRAINING Collaboration Agreement with the XALOC Technical School.

DUAL training aims to combine theoretical training at the Educational Center and practical training at the Company at the same time. In this way, the Company becomes one more subject for students, with an impact of 18% on their final record.

Being for Training RIMSA one of its main values, it takes a step forward, betting on improving the practical competence of the students, promoting learning through experiences in the company itself, and promoting the employment of young people.

Starting in June 2015, this project will be launched with students of the Higher Degree of Modality ‘Installation and Maintenance

We hope this is the beginning of a new stage of future collaborations in DUAL TRAINING between RIMSA and XALOC.