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The pavement of the port of Barcelona reinforced with our r glued 60 / 0.75

Rimsa collaborates in the supply of our R GLUED 60 / 0.75 steel fiber for the construction work of the new syncrolift in the Port of Barcelona.

Syncrolift is a platform that is raised by means of “” hoists “” (winches) to collect the boats and lift them to the level of the esplanade. The platform of this syncrolift is designed to be approximately 80m long x 20m wide. Longitudinally, to the side and side of the platform, there must be a structure capable of withstanding the lifting loads of the ships. Additionally, in order to have a surface to locate the different ships that the syncrolift lifts and to be able to carry out the different maintenance operations on them, it is necessary to have more dock surface, so it is necessary to generate a new esplanade consisting of a piloted slab.

Original Source : Port Barcelona

R GLUED 60 / 0.75 steel fibers provide the highest reinforcement exponent and a very simple addition to concrete thanks to the fact that they are supplied in groups of fibers.

At rimsa we have advanced software that allows us to calculate the exact dosages of steel fibers in screeds and concrete pavements, covering the widest spectrum of loads and responding quickly to all the technical requirements of our clients.