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r glued 35/0,55

Family: General purpose metal fibres
Applications: Structural concrete with fibres

It is the classic metallic fibre of the market but with a glued presentation that improves its dispersion in high dosages. Its shaped end minimises the opening of cracks. The high tensile strength of the steel prevents creep deformation. It is available in various diameters to cover a wide range of mechanical performance and applications.

Diameter Length Slenderness Downloads
r glued 35/0,55 0,55 mm 35 mm 64 DdP
r glued 50/0,75 0,75 mm 50 mm 67 DdP
r glued 60/0,75 0,75 mm 60 mm 80 DdP
r glued 60/0,75 HT 0,75 mm 60 mm 80 DdP


  • High structural reinforcement.
  • Reduced time required for meshing.
  • High energy absorption (>800 J).
  • Suitable for pumping (depending on length).
  • No creep.
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