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What is now proved was once only imagined

Where do new ideas come from?

For many organisations, the answer is research and development. But imagine if the R&D department included not only your people but those from your whole industrial ecosystem too.

Boosting the creative thinking of the company’s users leads to the generation of innovative ideas, which are directly aligned with the needs and requirements of the customers.

We believe that to advance in science you cannot investigate isolated. We have built in the last decade a solid Innovation Ecosystem that includes Customers, R&D centers, suppliers and frenemies, with a common interest in mind, to translate an idea into a good or service that creates value for the industries we serve. 

Eco-efficiency is a key concept for companies to reach a more sustainable development, considering not only the added value aspect of its activities but also the environmental impacts.

“Eco-efficiency means doing ‘more with less’ — using environmental resources more efficiently in economic processes.”


Since our origin we have mastered several of those aspects in our organization, from the use of recycled materials to produce our OEM quality non-ferrous additives to the development of new additives that allow customers to eliminate the toxic materials from their formulations, improving the lifespan of their product

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth.

Our team consolidates more than 25 years experience in the field of new product development. We like to describe ourselves as “people rethinking solutions”. We are a R&D-performing SME, and we collaborate with an extensive network of scientific and technological partners., to push the boundaries of the industries we serve, with an open mind approach, to help solving their challenges.

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