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Technical fibers / Paints and coatings
Give an added value to your coating. Versatile solutions in all applications

Specialized solutions that allow to obtain a lighter end product

Elimination of cracking, texturing, waterproofing, oxidation protection, intumescent, anti-slip properties etc. Specialized solutions that allow to obtain a lighter final product

Non-slip floors

Short polyethylene and polypropylene fibers prevent landslides in vehicle or pedestrian crossing areas in car parks or areas prone to accumulate moisture such as swimming pools or recreational areas.


Precission-cut synthetic fibers increase the roughness and decrease the erosion of paints on  vertical surfaces or subjected to bearings or natural / artificial frictions.

Surface protection

Precision cut polypropylene fibers and polyethylene flocks are used as additives in the formulation of surface protection paints in industrial, outdoor and indoor applications, heavy machinery etc.

Floor paints

Acrylic fiber flocks are used in the manufacture of quick-drying acrylic paints for irregular surface soils. The structural reinforcement provided to the paint allows a flexible and resistant coating that adapts to deformations and wear due to continued use.

Polyacrylonitrile fiber

They are used in the manufacture of intumescent coatings and sealants to protect structures susceptible to fire hazards and the spread of toxic fumes and gases. 

Anti corrosion paints

Synthetic fibers are used in the naval, aerospace and industrial fields to prevent corrosion, resistance to aggression of sea salts, dampness, high pollution etc. The marine environment is the most aggressive of all. Technical fibers allow to obtain lighter coatings that prevent the damages derived for much longer

Road signs

Polyethylene and polypropylene flocks are used in the manufacture of paints for road marking. The fibers provide stability to thermal changes, resistance to continuous impact and durability to moisture with minimal maintenance.

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