37 years rethinking solutions
37 years improving tomorrow
37 years encouraging eco-efficiency
37 years driving excellence
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Our Company
Top-notch solutions for specific needs
Innovation and growth-spirit attitude: The axes of success

35 years creating innovative, reliable, adaptable and sustainable solutions for different industries.

Since its foundation, rimsa has been committed to dedicating their human talent to research, development and innovation, to deliver solutions that promote a better future for everyone, everywhere.

People rethinking solutions

Our history
35 years under constant evolution

We have come a long way since our inception as “Industrial Metal Recovery” to become the specialist in additives of high added value for several sectors that we are today

Change of our logo over time
Our evolution
The best way to predict the future is to create it
First friction customer
Steel fibers for concrete reinforcement
First export
ISO 9001
First International Exhibition
Introduction of ecoChip, lead-free brass chips for Friction Industry
Development of Soleras software for customer support on pavement calculations
Installation extension
Acquisition of PBW and increase in production capacity
Introduction of ecoBronze, lead-free bronze chips for Friction Industry
Introduction of enviroLube, synergistic composite for copper replacement
Creation of the independent R&D department
Innovation lab
No advantage is long-term sustainable Constant innovation is the only way to stay competitive
Go to R + D & i
Our team
Be fast, be first, but never be alone. Nothing replaces the value of teamwork

Our #rimsateam, our most precious treasure.

We are a multidisciplinary team, because versatility is one of our values; multicultural, as we host more than 14 different nationalities; committed to the project and lovers of what we do.

It is the main function of our #Talent Team, to help them in the development of their competences, to highlight their hidden talent, in order to do their best.

Our values
Promoting creativity and innovation

We constantly encourage our #rimsateam to focus on their passions, helping them to achieve their objectives, no matter how ambitious they may be.

This statement allows us to face present and future challenges with good management and predisposition to reinvent ourselves on a daily basis.

Everything we do is built over these three values:


We help you build your career inside our company with our programs
Talent Up
The program allows young talent without experience, orient their professional career towards their professional and personal development.
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Training talent
A program that aims to boost and promote the development of the professional skills of our team
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Work with us
Do you want to be part of our #rimsateam? Contact us through the following form and we will be happy to greet you!
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Our location
Barcelona innovative city

Our geographical location allows us easy access to the most important ports in Europe, Africa and Asia, together with an agile and timely logistics deployment from different locations in Spain, continuously connected with the destination ports in America and Oceania.

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