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Titanates & Zirconium oxide
With great power comes great responsibility

Zircon dioxide and Titanates are among the additives with higher added value for NAO formulations. Reliability is a key parameter


We share with TAM Ceramics the same culture of innovation

Partnership with referential manufacturer TAM ceramics enables us to offer products with superior properties with the most reliable know-how. We are proud to be their partner for friction industry

TAM has develop a very stable and efficient process for the production of a high quality and low cost Sodium Titanate, being a truly FIBER-SAFE product because doesn’t make fibers while synthesized. 

Sodium Titanate shows similar mechanism of reaction than potassium titanate in the friction materials. When tested in dry destilation with phenolic resin, the result of Sodium Titanate is similar to the one obtained with Potassium Titanate

And so is the result in terms of IN-STOP CoF variation and NVH properties. Friction performance is good when compared in NAO copper-free formulation with Fiber-free potassium Titanate. The levels of wear are also in the same range when compared in the AKM test. Sodium Titanate is a product with a long history of use in welding applications.

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