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Together for Sustainability and Inclusion

In our Company, Sustainability and Inclusion are Key. Want to know why?

In rimsa, we have recognized and embraced the importance of sustainability as a competitive tool from the very beginning. This vision has led us to experience significant benefits, such as generating profitability, increased resilience in times of change, and a substantial improvement in the value of our brand.

A diverse and inclusive workplace has always been a reality in society. Therefore, from the inception of our company, we firmly committed to making diversity and inclusion integral parts of our core practices and values, deeply rooted in our corporate DNA.

To achieve this, we pledged to respect and value all individuals, regardless of their ethnic background, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or functional diversity. We also understood that setting specific goals in terms of diversity and inclusion is essential to creating a respectful, inclusive, and stimulating work environment. This diversity fosters creativity and innovation, thereby enhancing employee engagement and improving our team’s results.

For us, the transformation towards sustainability is not just a goal but an imperative. We have always believed that to achieve this transformation, it is crucial to redirect economies and production systems towards companies committed to diversity and inclusion. We are determined to lead the way in this journey and demonstrate that sustainability and inclusion are two powerful forces that not only drive the success of our company but also the well-being of society as a whole.

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