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r strand

Family: Macro glass fibres AR
Applications: Structural concrete with fibres.

Alkali-resistant glass fibre (AR) is especially used in precast concrete. It is easy to pump and has an excellent finish. Thanks to its density comparable to that of concrete and its adhesion to the matrices, it is the only fibre that improves compressive strength. Its material prevents the appearance of corrosion and its high modulus prevents creep. It provides impact resistance. It also provides fire protection and insulating properties in specialised matrices.

Linear density TEX* (g/km) Length
r strand 30 150 30 mm
r strand 36 436 36 mm

*Because these fibres are made up of multiple filaments forming a strand, the diameter is more accurately expressed in Tex which is equivalent to grams per 1000 m of fibre.


  • Provides residual, impact, compressive, abrasion and flexural strength.
  • Pumpable and suitable for polishing.
  • High chemical resistance and retains the density of concrete.
  • Insulating properties.
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