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r twist

Family: Polymeric Macro Fibres
Applications: Structural concrete with fibres.

Polymeric fibre of easy dosage. Its multifilament structure allows a homogeneous distribution in the concrete, improving the overall strength and providing excellent resistance to micro-cracking. An advantage over steel fibres is that it can be used in corrosive and aggressive environments such as industrial and marine environments. Being lighter in weight, it is easier to handle and transport. It does not require the additional use of micro fibres. In addition, its flexibility allows it to be used in pumped concrete.

Diameter Length Downloads
r twist mesh 0,70 mm 54 mm DdP


  • It is self-fibrillating and therefore does not require the use of microfibres.
  • Replaces the mesh required for plastic shrinkage.
  • Flexible, pumpable and high chemical resistance.
  • Shaded areas (incorrect placement of traditional mesh) are avoided.


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