rimsa’s position on the new role of business in global education

 It starts with the product and the needs these products are designed to satisfy, shifting the basis of competition in these to favor companies that create the most value for society.

Shared value reconnects company success with social progress. The private sector, guided by the pursuit of shared value, can and should take a greater role in improving education at scale. Doing so will transform the rate and scope of innovation in business.

When corporations transform from passive consumers of talent into catalysts for developing a skilled workforce, they create a long-term competitive advantage based on human capital. In turn, they contribute their substantial resources and knowledge to help increase employability and economic mobility in their communities. 

While each of the companies outlined takes a different approach to workforce development, they all play an integral role in addressing large-scale skills shortages. One of the most widespread practices among the companies that promote this model is to re-imagine education as a dynamic ecosystem in which the company plays an integral role. Work together with other institutions to develop the educational content and recruit the students necessary for your business to succeed.

rimsa is firmly advancing in the consolidation of this model with an increasingly broad spectrum of actions. Since 2017, more than fifty students of professional training and university degrees have had the opportunity to carry out internships of varying lengths in various departments of the company and thus complete their training from a practical experience. rimsa is also actively participating in the new dual education model, which combines academic learning with high-value practical business learning, in which young people can develop their technological skills and competencies while acquiring their first certified work experience, counting up to date five contracts. In addition, the Industrial Doctorate tool has also been shown to be ideal due to the high degree of specialization required by the R&D department, adding two projects to date. From all experiences, six people have been professionally integrated into the rimsa workforce, undoubtedly contributing to the company’s expansion plan.

Since 2021, rimsa has also extended its philanthropy projects to promote this activity, collaborating with Caritas’ “La Bruixola” project. The intention is to provide young people with tools, skills and strategies to face this stage of adolescence, both emotionally and at school, with support that helps them, accompanies them and has an impact on improving their responsibilities. Support school tasks (homework, papers, exams), and reinforce other aspects that have difficulties with materials from the entity, always with the accompaniment of the educator.