Our quality department

At rimsa we dedicate all our efforts to ensure excellent quality in each of our products and services, guaranteeing the satisfaction of all customers.

Our quality department, made up of highly qualified people with vast experience, guarantee the management of all processes according to the ISO9001: 2015 standard.

We are committed to continuous improvement in order to optimize our productivity and quality, which begins with the selection of suppliers and strict quality control of all raw materials. From here we adhere to strict control plans that we apply in all operating processes, until the product is received by the customer.

We are proud that this effort is recognized by customers, who in the 2019 satisfaction survey rated us with the highest marks in terms of product quality, confidence in rimsa and responsiveness, having stated 52% of the same an increase in the quality perceived in the last 5 years.

Thus, we aspire this 2020 to meet for the sixth consecutive year our goal of 0% customer rejection of manufactured product (0 defects), and for the fourth consecutive year of our commercialized products.

We guarantee the highest quality standards

Having made the recycled product the base of our initial growth, our objective is to ensure that the raw material received and the intermediate product are properly analyzed and obey the specified parameters in order to guarantee a homogeneous final product, which complies not only with the specification, but ensure stable performance.

Regarding the products that we commercialize, the selection of suppliers is essential. From rimsa we guarantee compliance with the specifications before each shipment, with a specific control plan.

Characterized by an excellent Quality Management System

Rimsa has been certified by ISO9001 since 2001. As a company that assumes the principles and requirements established by ISO 9001, we adhere to our commitment to quality and recognize that customer satisfaction and continuous improvement are two essential elements. for our organization.

This year 2020 we will also certify our commitment to continuous improvement in environmental management, as we will complete the integration process of ISO14001. We believe that this is a universal tool that allows evaluating an organization’s efforts to achieve adequate and reliable environmental protection.