rimsa collaborates in the execution of the first eco-industrial park in Spain

As part of the second phase of the Iberum Central Platform, the first eco-industrial park in Spain, rimsa has participated with the technical study and supply of 470 tons of steel fibers as reinforcement for a 68,000 m2 concrete floor.

This important logistics building is strategically located in the Illescas Green Logistics Park, in Toledo, and has been built under responsible environmental standards, with photovoltaic panels on the roof, and is expected to have BREEAM certification for its operation.

The concrete floor was executed without shrinkage cuts, and designed to withstand loads of 5T/m2, by adding steel fibers. The application of these fibers provides a reinforcement that, in addition to controlling shrinkage cracking in the concrete, generates an increase in its tensile and flexural strength.

The eco-industrial park seeks to obtain economic, environmental and social performance, reducing the generation of waste and pollution, and seeking energy savings in water, using sustainable drainage systems, and light, through LED lighting and a translucent design on deck.

The Illescas Green Logistics Park aims to have the 0 Emissions certification, thus becoming the first logistics industrial estate with measures to eliminate the carbon footprint.


The building, which has racking areas, circulation areas for forklift trucks and loading docks with leveling platforms, will come into operation in the first half of 2022.

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