Accelera el Creixement, PIMEC’s major business development initiative

Programme funded by the Diputació de Barcelona. In our intervention, we explained our experience during the 6th edition that took place in 2017, where we were able to recall our achievements and the benefits we obtained through this business acceleration initiative.

The participation in this project helped us to identify four priority lines for our business development: increasing our marketing and sales activities, expanding our markets and projects, making innovation profitable and strengthening knowledge management. These areas became the cornerstones of our strategy.

The programme also provided us with professional support from day one. This experience set us a steady pace of growth and allowed us to diversify our products and services. In addition, we established innovation as a central axis for our development and focused on strengthening knowledge management within our organisation.



It is also important to note that the Accelera el Creixement programme is subsidised by the Diputació de Barcelona. This initiative has been a real boost for SMEs in the province, helping more than 600 companies in its 12 editions.

We have achieved important results thanks to our participation in Accelera el Creixement, experiencing a significant improvement in terms of employment, turnover and results. Our strategic focus and business vision have been strengthened, allowing us to face challenges with confidence and seize new opportunities.

At rimsa, we are grateful for the opportunity provided by PIMEC‘s Accelera el Creixement programme. It has been a transformative experience that has boosted our growth and enabled us to achieve new milestones. We will continue to build on the learnings and connections we have made.

You can watch the full programme here. (Only in spanish)