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r gun

Family: Polymeric Macro Fibres
Applications: Structural concrete with fibres

The r gun is the specialised fibre for tunnels but due to its geometry and characteristics it is also used in pavements. Its reduced diameter and its surface texture generate an effective 3D reinforcement against the opening of cracks. Thanks to its chemical resistance, it can be used in environments in contact with sea water and mines with the presence of minerals and gases that can degrade traditional reinforcing steel. As it has a lower specific weight than steel, it requires much lower dosages, so it is much easier to handle and transport.

Diameter Length Slenderness Downloads
r gun 54 0,69 mm 54 mm 78 DdP


  • High energy absorption (>900 J).
  • Replaces structural mesh in pavements and tunnels.
  • Reduces the time required to lay mesh.
  • Flexible, reduces wear on pumps and pipes.
  • No corrosion, less rebound and safe handling.



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