Carlos Lorenzana at Coffee Break

On April 7, Carlos Lorenzana sat down with Brian Hagman, President of Hagman Search Group and founder / editor of The BRAKE Report, to discuss the role that rimsa is currently developing in the friction sector, and more specifically in the automotive sector. The objective of the conference was to deepen not only what the company brings to the market, but also to know how its team is organized and where its activity is evolving.

Carlos Lorenzana is a chemist with a doctorate in tribology. 10 years ago, he joined rimsa in the Friction Department, and with the growth of the company and that division, he developed the functions of promoting himself until he was part of the management staff as Technical Director.

Throughout the talk, it was possible to appreciate how the company has grown based on the demands that said market demanded. The experience in material sciences has made them adapt, not only to the needs of their clients, but also to legal regulations.

The rimsa tradition, as stated by the doctorate Carlos Lorenzana, consists in focusing on solutions to the high temperatures and high performance to which friction materials are exposed. As a result, the portfolio available is quite broad, and the treatments and processes that each of them have as well. “We produce copper-based alloys at our facilities in Barcelona. We use our synthetic sulfates. We produce our synergistic blends. We produce everything at home and each material in particular has a different process ”, clarifies Carlos Lorenzana during the interview. During all these years, rimsa has positioned itself as an expert in copper and non-ferrous materials.

The interviewed cannot understand all these processes without the word innovation. rimsa collaborates with universities and participates in events such as SAE or Euro Brake. We try to work as closely as possible to the clients because, after all, they are “the ones who know the needs, the real needs, the current needs or the future needs”.

Therefore, rimsa does not focus only on the development of the products, but also on trying to understand how beneficial they are or how they contribute to the development of the sector. In this case, conferences and events that are held to share and communicate knowledge abroad, and also try to enrich it, play an important role.

“We have many paths open, because we try to focus not only on now, but also on the future of the industry,” says Carlos Lorenzana. The automotive sector is going to present important challenges that are being worked on, such as the restriction of chemical products for the next vehicles, or the braking systems themselves. In fact, it is mentioned that rimsa is developing new machinery that allows its customers to carry out tests to speed up the approval process for their materials.

All these issues are collected under the motto: “People Rethinking Solutions” where integrity, quality, innovation and diversity have made it possible for the company to evolve, grow and position itself at the hands of its customers. The talent of the entire team focuses on research and development, together with competent technology, to offer solutions and contribute to a better future.