Decarbonisation measures in the concrete industry


La Federación Europea BIBM ha presentado un conjunto de propuestas innovadoras para la descarbonización en la industria del hormigón, centradas en el diseño avanzado de productos prefabricados y la implementación de medidas ecoeficientes.   1. Advanced design of prefabricated products In an effort to reduce specific CO2 emissions in buildings, the importance of more advanced […]

Euro 7 Regulation: New standards for heavy vehicles

In a significant step towards implementing the Agenda 2030, the European Union has announced a provisional agreement between the Council and the Parliament regarding Euro 7 regulations. This regulation, designed to standardize motor vehicles and engines, as well as associated systems, components, and technical units, establishes more stringent criteria for road vehicle emissions, including cars, […]

Lithium Titanate Batteries: Driving the energy revolution with safety and efficiency

Lithium Titanate Batteries (LTO) are gaining increasing popularity due to their advantages over other technologies traditionally used in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). This preference is growing for four main factors: High charging and discharging speeds Longer lifespan The ability to operate over a wide range of temperatures High safety and reliability Currently, these batteries are utilized […]

Important considerations to enhance the performance of fibers in concrete

The fibers intended for reinforcing concrete can be supplied in different packaging or presentations, designed to improve their dispersion, facilitate control of dosing in kg/m3, or protect them from external factors. In designs, a volume percentage of fibers is sometimes estimated in relation to the total volume of concrete. However, when applied on-site or in […]

Regenerative braking it’s affecting your brake pads more than you think

Regenerative braking it’s affecting your brake pads more than you think From an engineering point of view, aBrakerefers to a device that primarily performs the function of braking or stopping a moving object, such as a vehicle. Going back to physics, a brake refers to converting kinetic energy into other types of energy. And this […]

Innovative strategies for energy transition

The energy transition towards a greener and more sustainable world requires the development of innovative strategies to address current issues from a contemporary and environmentally friendly perspective. Activities related to the recovery of strategic elements have gained significant momentum in recent years due to the scarcity of essential metals crucial for the manufacturing of high-performance […]

What is the true importance of metal recycling?

Metal recycling and industrial sustainability At rimsa, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality products and continually seeking innovative and reliable solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers across various industries. Recognizing the vital importance of metal recycling in industrial sustainability, we consistently work to minimize waste generation and actively promote the valorization of […]

How will Euro 7 affect brake pads?

En rimsa, we embrace the challenges of Euro 7 regulation in the brake and friction materials industry as innovative solutions. In the following, we will delve into the implications of Euro 7 regulation and how our solutions are contributing to addressing these challenges. Euro standards and their evolution Within the framework of emissions regulations in […]