Strategic Alliance Boosts Friction Material Industry

“By combining our strengths, we can offer a complete and adaptable solution – from cutting-edge additives to responsibly sourced raw materials – all under one roof. This simplifies the supply chain, ensures consistent quality, and opens up new possibilities for innovation.” Two Spanish companies with a shared history of over two decades, RIMSA, a leader in […]

Fiber Reinforced Concrete: A Revolution in the Construction of Hydraulic Infrastructures

Descubre cómo el HRF mejora la durabilidad, sostenibilidad y rendimiento de las infraestructuras hidráulicas, desde grandes túneles hasta tuberías más pequeñas y cómo han influido en la construcción de otras infraestructuras subterráneas. La creciente demanda mundial de agua y los desafíos cada vez mayores que plantea el envejecimiento de las infraestructuras exigen soluciones innovadoras en […]

What is polyacrilonitrile (PAN)?

Go back Polyacrylonitrile is the most common precursor used to make carbon fiber. Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) is a synthetic resin prepared by polymerization of acrylonitrile. It belongs to the important family of acrylic resins and is a tough and rigid thermoplastic material that, resistant to most solvents and chemicals, burns slowly and has a low permeability […]

The seamless ally for lead removal in railway industry

Go back Railway brake blocks are one of the most complex branches of the friction industry Engineers and designers must come up with formulations balanced in several characteristics: – LOW  SQUEAL: Due to the high impact involved in railway applications – HIGH HEAT DISSIPATION CAPACITY: Due to the high energy involved in railway applications – WEAR AND […]

Reducing 40% of copper content on existing formulations is at just one test ahead

Go back The copper-free race set on 2021 its first goal. On that point, friction material sold in Washington and California will only allow 5% copper on its composition. Although the seed of this challenge was planted on the mentioned states, this environmental concern has grown up until become into a prevailing assignment for all […]

The lead-free alloy for heavy duty that saves up to 20% of cost.

Go back Our unique dry manufacturing process enables us to offer an OE quality product with the best value-for-money. – Several grades with different particle sizes and chemical composition, to meet customer requirements – Bronze contains Tin inclusions distributed that provide lubricity and cooling, reducing wear and improving the NVH characteristics – Saves up to 20% compared with traditional bronze chopped wools –The high thermal conductivity provides heat dissipation […]

Our quality department

Go back At rimsa we dedicate all our efforts to ensure excellent quality in each of our products and services, guaranteeing the satisfaction of all customers. Our quality department, made up of highly qualified people with vast experience, guarantee the management of all processes according to the ISO9001: 2015 standard. We are committed to continuous […]

Bismuth sulfides the new contenders against strong LME dependent metals?

Go back Spoiler, they are! Despite the current circumstances, the increase in the production volume of metallic Bi has divided its base price by 3 and has stabilized at that level, making its use viable for the friction industry. The industry has evolved, and so we did! Since we were the rookies of the friction […]

rimsa collaborates in the execution of the first eco-industrial park in Spain

Go back As part of the second phase of the Iberum Central Platform, the first eco-industrial park in Spain, rimsa has participated with the technical study and supply of 470 tons of steel fibers as reinforcement for a 68,000 m2 concrete floor. This important logistics building is strategically located in the Illescas Green Logistics Park, […]