rimsa assumed the presidency of the MAV Cluster, through our CIO, Carlos Lorenzana.

At rimsa we are very proud that our Chief Innovation Officer, Carlos Lorenzana, will assume the presidency of the Cluster of Advanced Materials of Catalonia (Clúster MAV) alongside the board of directors with whom he has been working for more than 4 years.

For us as a family SME, having the opportunity to lead an association of this level through our Chief Innovation Officer is an attractive and demanding challenge that we are ready to take on. This assignment demonstrates the confidence and recognition of Carlos’ experience and trajectory within the sector.

In this way, Carlos Lorenzana takes over from José A. Calero, who has held the presidency of the MAV Cluster for the last four years.

“The purpose of the new team is to foster an entrepreneurial ecosystem in which companies are not afraid to learn. It is also highlighted that one of the keys to the success of the MAV Cluster is its non-sectorial character, which allows them to face challenges beyond a specific field”, were the words of Carlos, for this new stage of the MAV Cluster.

Lorenzana stressed the will to continue with the line of launching innovation and collaboration projects and to involve the partners because this “is one of the strengths of the Cluster”. “We do not compete, we collaborate, and this enriches the cluster when it comes to generating and sharing ideas,” he said.

What is the MAV Cluster?

The Advanced Materials Cluster of Catalonia (MAV Cluster) is a non-profit association whose main purpose is to boost the competitiveness of companies and entities in the value chain of the materials sector, thus contributing to the consolidation of the Catalan industry as a whole. The MAV Cluster seeks to transform innovative ideas into materials and their technologies into business.

Why join?

The MAV Cluster works hard to offer a differential value proposition to its members according to its values: commitment, excellence, collaboration, involvement, quality and trust. rimsa has been part of the Cluster for more than 5 years and we are more than happy with all the opportunities we have achieved through the association. 

Who makes up the new board of directors?

The MAV Cluster board also includes Maria Josep Riba (Lubrizol) and Xavier Marín (Dan*na) as vice-presidents, Joan Montobbio (Menzolit) as treasurer, Laia Soler (CELSA) as secretary and Jordi Reverter (ICN2), Mª Eugenia Rodríguez (Eurecat), Valerie Bergeron ((Materfad), José A. Calero (AMES), Joseba Luna (Onyriq), Ma. Àngels Farré (PROMSA) and Tais Arp (Comindex) as vocalists.

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